Top 10 things to do in Bordeaux

Bordeaux, or « The Sleeping Beauty », as it is nicknamed, has enough to attract many tourists, and also seduces more and more Parisians who want to settle there. Between architectural marvels, its beautiful Public Garden, its famous water mirror, its trendy bars and restaurants, its small cobbled streets, the city has a lot of treasures. We have selected for you the 10 places to see in Bordeaux!

1- Wade in the Water Mirror

Pride of the city, Le Miroir d’eau is the largest water mirror in the world, and therefore a must during your visit. You can take a picture of the Place de la Bourse with its reflection in the water. Summer is also a good opportunity to cool off, and to play jumping in the water for the children (and the adults!). Also remember to discover the place at night, which is illuminated and where the lights reflect in the water!


2- Eat organic in the former military barrack Darwin Ecosystème

This alternative place is of great originality, and sports an industrial style, with skate parks and street-art. A little hipster place where you can eat organic for cheap. To test : Sunday brunch !



3- Have a picnic at the Jardin Public

This garden is classified « Remarkable Garden of France », and for a good reason. This is a typical French garden, ideal for a romantic walk, a jog, or a picnic with your family ! Children can have fun in its playgrounds and old fashioned carousels.



4- Pretend to be an oenologist

Of course, Bordeaux is the city where you have to savor a good glass of local wine. To do that, you have the choice between a large number of wine cellars with an irresistible charm, such as Aux 4 coins du vins (Place St Pierre),  L’Oenolimit (place Fernand Lafargue),  Le Petit Bois (18 Rue du Chai des Farines, Porte Cailhau) etc.

And to complete your oenological knowledge, do not miss the Cité du Vin, which is worth the detour if only for its unique architectural form. You will also find many exhibitions about wine.


5- Go watch a movie in a church

Yes, this is possible in Bordeaux ! L’Utopia is an old church converted into an art cinema, where you can watch international films in the original language. A place atypical, and a must for film lovers and any curious tourist.



6- Go shopping in Sainte-Catherine street

Are you a fan of shopping? Sainte-Catherine Street offers a great selection of luxury stores, small shops and other shops where you will find everything you want !


7- Take a walk along the docks

Bordeaux is crossed by the Garonne and offers very beautiful routes to walk around. Stroll along the river of the Garonne, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and a delightful bucolic walk. Do not miss the magnificent Stone Bridge that lights up at night!


8- Cross the Quinconces esplanade

The Esplanade des Quinconces is located in the center of Bordeaux and represents an area of 12 hectares, which would make it the largest in Europe. Over the decades, the place has remained untouched by any construction. A must-see: its magnificent fountain in the center.



9- Admire the artwork at CAPC

Formerly known as the Center for Contemporary Visual Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux hosts many events and art exhibitions throughout the year and one of the largest collections of contemporary art in France.


10- Wander in the streets

Bordeaux is also a city where you have to get lost in the cobblestone streets, and get surprised by churches, bridges, small shops, and one of the 350 historic buildings listed at UNESCO … Take a break in your walk to eat a canelé, a regional specialty, and to feel the ambiance, the joy of the inhabitants and the friendly atmosphere of the city.

Among the must-see historic buildings, you should see :

Le Grand Théâtre : a big Opera whose facade dates from 1780


La Grosse Cloche : belfry of the old town hall. The door and the towers, the Big Bell.

La Cathédrale Saint-André : magnificent cathedral from the XIth century.

La Basilique de Saint-Michel : Gothic basilica with its high tower next to it.


La Tour Pey-Berland : Gothic bell tower with panoramic view at the top.


And many more Bordeaux wonders to discover!

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